The RvN-smArt is designed to serve people with a compact, mobile and easy to
filter system that needs no plumber and/or electrician to install and that
can be used nearly everywhere - especially when no tap water available or it has
not enough pressure.
You can use it not only in the kitchen like most other filters, you can use it:

    - in every other room or outside
    - when you go camping
    - when you go vacation or
    - just for a barbeque at the lake

That is possible because the RvN-smArt is equipped with an
electric pump that also can be powered with your car battery
and even with a
power bank / jump starter!
History of the RvN-smArt:
The roots of the RvN-smArt are going back to 2009. At this time it was designed for a humanitarian project. About that it was important to create a design that is compact, not too expensive, easy to maintain with the main purpose to serve the people with drinking water free from dangerous bacteria. Like every filter it is necessary to replace the filter cartridges after a while - and these cartridges should be easy available. About that fact the RvN-smArt has been designed with standard filter housings that are most common in the world - and about that also replacement filter cartridges for many purposes.
This is still the case with the actual the
RvN-smArt - but it is equipped with a proofed high quality main filter cartridge with a really safe sealing system. About your healthy you should use only these original RvN-smArt filter cartridges - others only for emergency ("better an unsafe cartridge than no one")!
It also should especially be possible to use the
RvN-smArt where no tap water and no electric power is available - and that is often the case in countries like Africa. About that it was first designed to use it with a hand operated pump (very few filter systems of this kind are still available - but mostly small ones designed for hikers / back packers).
Later the
RvN-smArt has been updated with an electric driven pump - especially for countries like Thailand where electric power is common in most homes.
Bild vergrössern
Bild vergrössern
            The inventor:
Rudolf von Niederhäusern was born 1965 near Bern in Switzerland. After school he absolved a apprenticeship as a machine mechanic and after militaryservice he was going to the engineer school. In 1996 he founded his company, an engineering office for industrial automation & special  machines.
He also likes motorcycles & travelling with them, guns & shooting.
About his  profession he also customize these guns as well as he does with his motorcycles.        
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Technical facts
Physical specifications:
2-stage countertop water filter with pre-filter & combinated bacteria / carbon filter (standard config.)
Flow (2bar):                                                 
Typical filter capacity:                                 
Power supply unit:                                        

filter specifications:
2,4 D:                                                           
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3: Power supply 12VDC
The pump itself is driven by 12VDC - that not only makes it save against electric accident - it allows also to use
any 12VDC power source that delivers at least 2,5A or more.
You can operate it from your
car battery / accumulator or a power bank / jump starter (see pictures right & above, driven by a jump starter, in front the power supply adapter 110-240V & car cable).
2: water source from a bucket or any other water source  
The RvN-sm
Art water filter is available with a pump module you can operate with the 110-240 VAC power supply adapter (or directly by any 12VDC power source - see 3).

- you can filter the water you have bought
- use water from your own water source (cistern, reservoir, well).
- You can take water from a creek, river, pool, lake or fountain (picture below right: driven by a jump starter, water taken from a fountain).
This makes the RvN-smArt very special compared with most other filter on the market because most of them are designed just for use in the kitchen connected to the tap (counter top models) or for built in somewhere in the house (under sink models).
approx (dry). 2kg / 3kg (with pump)
140x270x320 / 390 (with pump)
12VDC / 24W

Many different ways of usage!
- The RvN-smArt water filter is available with or without the pump
(see background of the picture left: disconnected pump
   module with power supply adapter).
- You can connect or disconnect the pump module whenever you want.
- You can buy the pump module also  later as an upgrade!

1: Water source from tap / faucet
Like most other types of counter top water filter you can use the RvN-sm
Art water filter connected to your faucet (picture left)
 4: alternative water source (RvN-smArt without pump / pump disconnected)
The RvN-sm
Art water filter can also be operated by using gravitation to get the necessary but minimum operating pressure:
- place the water source (for example the pitcher in picture above left) at least 1,5m over the filter
- connect one end of a hose to the filter, fill the former with water and connect it to the water source (bucket, can, bottle…).

- That makes sense when there is no tap water connection / electric power source available, or the pump does not work for some reason.
- these 1,5m will deliver only 10% of the usual working pressue - about that the flow rate will decrease noticeably!

(Picture left shows the operating principle with the 1."old" model)